2nd. SKIF Training course and Seminar in U.A.E (2010)

SKI-UAE and Kodokan Martial Arts & Fitness centre in the Emirate of Ajman in United Arab Emirates , had organized the 2nd. SKIF Training Course & Seminar at the Honbo Dojo of SKI-UAE in Ajman from 1-8 March, 2010, under the supervision and guidance of SKIF- Tokyo .

Kancho Hirakazu Kanazawa , the president and grand master of SKIF accompanied by his son Daizo Kanazawa had conducted the training course for all members of Ski-UAE and then the grading exams for the participants.

During his visit, he was invited by the Ruler of the Emirate of Ajman to visit His Highness at the Rulerís Court. Kancho had also visitd the Crown Prince of Ajman and other rominent persons and officials in the Emirates.  During the meeting with the Ruler, various subjects had been discussed regarding the SKIF activities and the future plans for SKI-UAE .

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Kancho also had visited the construction site of SKI-UAE new dojo building in the Emirate of Ajman and had seen and checked the designing plans of the project which is proposed to be completed and commissioned during the last quarter of 2012 .


Seven storeys 
Dojo building
For all sport
Activities and                                                   
Academy for                  
Martial arts
And GHQ for

Kancho had also conducted the grading exams for the members of SKI-UAE at the honbo dojo in Ajman , and the result was as follows :

Name Grade Passed
Eng. Essam Awad 6th.Dan
Dr. Mustafa Hariri 5th.Dan
Anas Hamed 5th.Dan
Dr.Joudy Najjar 4th.Dan cccccccccc
Iyad EIBada 4th. Dan
Mehboobeh Farasat 4th. Dan
Hanan Abadi 3rd. Dan
Khudir Khefiani 3rd. Dan

At the end of the course and exams, Kancho had evaluated the high level and standard of techniques performed by the participants and especially in kata , and further highly evaluated the efforts of the Chief Instructor Shihan Sameer Najjar for coping with his student the international levels and standards of SKIF .