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T´ai Chi ch´uan

Supreme Ultimate)
The Fountain of Youth


A system of “biofeedback”and conditioning with Universe

T´ai Chi means “supreme ultimate”.  By practicing T´ai Chi , our mind centers, and we become the supreme ultimate point in the universe-a clearer, lighted point from which all that we will ever dream and achieve flows.  You become an absolute point of healing, healing yourself, and by so doing, healing the world around you.  T´ai Chi celebrate being alive .  
Daily practice of T´ai Chi forms cleanses your body and mind of stress, awakens your senses, and open you to the limitless energy of life - Qi .

T´ai Chi as a simple, easy to do, 2000-year-old Chinese martial art is the most popular exercise in the world today .  If you want to find a calm center in the middle of life’s storm of change, which also toning your muscles and healing your mind and body, T´ai Chi and Qigong are just what the doctors ordered. T´ai Chi is a unique exercise that simultaneously heals the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. With T´ai Chi you can boost your energy level, dramatically improve your health, slow your aging process, become more creative, and significantly lower your stress level, even in our increasingly stressful world.

T´ai Chi was originally a martial art and is increasingly offered by martial arts Dojos, it’s now practiced in business, hospital, and schools everywhere .

Whether you are stressed out, continually exhausted, treating a health problem, or just wanting to get in shape and feel young again; T´ai Chi goes right to the heart of everything we do by healing and cleansing the central nervous system .  T´ai Chi helps us to let go of all the nervous tension that bogs down our mental computer system (like getting a general tune up every day) .  This  makes everything inside us work better, which often makes the world around us seen better, too .  T´ai Chi is really a self-improvement tool that will make you a better “anything-you-want-to-be” .


Why Am I Doing ai Chi ?.

  1. It boosts my immune system.
  2. It dumps old stress, cleansing my nervous system.
  3. It helps me to let go of new stress faster.
  4. It makes me more creative and productive.
  5. It makes me nicer to be around.
  6. It is the best balance and coordination training in the world.
  7. It slows my aging process.
  8. It keeps me loose and supple, no matter how old I am .
  9. It helps process and release “dis-ease” before it becomes a disease.
  10. T´ai Chi improves everything I do .

Historical T´ai Chi :

For an exercise that is so made to order for modern life, it is amazing to realize that T´ai Chi is thought to be about 1200 years old .  Furthermore, T´ai Chi  is an expanded version of a more ancient exercise called Qigong, which may be at least 2000 years old . 
T´ai Chi’s moving exercise are done very slowly, like slow motion Kung Fu .  In days of old,  T´ai Chi or (T´ai Chi Ch´uan) was primarily a martial art .  It is believed that Buddhist and Taoist monks began practicing T´ai Chi forms in monasteries (yes, like the Shaolin Temple) for two reasons : one, to promote health because they were out of shape from sitting around meditating all the time. And two, because they were so out of shape, they couldn’t defend themselves, and bandits would come and beat them up before taking their valuables. 

Modern T´ai Chi :

In modern terms , T´ai Chi and Qigong are ancient systems of “biofeedback” and classical conditioning .
Traditional Chinese doctors of long ago noted that our natural tendency is to hold on to stress, which bogs down the brain .  They , therefore, created exercise that would train the mind and the body not only to continually dump stress, but also to actually change the way the body handles future stress (not the way your kids change the way you handle stress, but in a good way) .
As T´ai Chi players move through their slow motion movements, their mind becomes calm, their breathing deepens and slows, and their muscles relax .  All this happens while the muscles are toning, making it a very efficient exercise .  But, forget about efficiency, T´ai Chi should be done as though you were going to do it forever .  If you try to “hurry up and relax” , it doesn’t work as well .
Is T´ai Chi a Martial art ?

T´ai Chi looks very much like slow motion Kung fu .  And although T´ai Chi shares some similar ties with Kung fu, don’t let that scare you away . T´ai Chi can be practiced by anyone at any age and in any condition .
In martial arts circles, it is known as an internal martial art .  T´ai Chi promotes internal strength physically, mentally, and emotionally; which is why it can be powerful training tool for martial artists . But you don’t have to be a martial artist to benefit from T´ai Chi , because it can also be practiced even by those in wheelchair, with great results .

How T´ai Chi Works :

The Chinese call life energy “ Qi “ (pronounced chee). The character for Qi is also the character for air or breath .
Qigong (pronounced chee kung and often spelled chi-gong), means “breath work” or “energy exercise” .  There are about 7000 Qigong exercises in the Chinese Medicine (The Bible of Chinese Medicine).   T´ai Chi is a moving form of Qigong . There are sitting and lying forms of Qigong, but all T´ai Chi is done in a standing and moving forms .

Just as we flow through the changes of life (or not) , our life energy, or Qi, flows through us (or not, if we are stressed out) .  Qi is the energy of life and flows through all living things .  Qi animates, heals, and nurtures life.  When the stress of change makes us tense, we squeeze off the flow of life energy , physically , this feeds like tension .  T´ai Chi and Qigong are easy, simple, yet sophisticated relaxation exercises that encourage the muscles to let go of tension, the mind to let go of worry, and the heart to let go of angst .  Tension, worry, and angst all block our Qi flow .

Tension, worry, and angst are usually the result of our mind, heart, or body being unable to “let go” of something .  The goal of T´ai Chi is to move through a series of choreographed movements like a slow martial arts routine, but very slowly and in a state of absolute relaxation.  In order to do this, we have to let go of our mental/physical tensions, grudges, prejudices, and anything that keeps us tied to the past .  This enables us to flow more easily into the future by clearing our mind and body of old stress so that we constantly get a “fresh perspective of life” .